This website is meant to provide a look into the future of each NHL team. This tool can be useful for fantasy leagues, research, personnal projects or just general speculation and fun banter. It projects teams two years into the future and analyses their chances of being a top competitor in the NHL. It is an overall evaluation of the current state of a team’s projected future.

As any NHL general managers would do for their own hockey club, we produce a blueprint which gives an idea of a team’s future situation and where they slot in comparison with their rivals. We mix and match current line-ups with top-notch prospects and potential break-through players, taking into consideration age, contracts, past performance, overall skill level, stats, roles within the line-up and potential.

Want to know what holes and weaknesses need to be adressed in your team’s future depth chart? Simply click on the top-right menu and start browing rankings and rosters.

On this website, you will find every NHL team’s line-up projected two years into the future as well as a top-31 ranking detailing which teams seem to have the better future on paper. Rankings and rosters are our opinion only and is meant to encourage discussion. We watch a ton of hockey during the year including NHL, AHL, juniors, college and international events. We also hang out on message boards, Twitter, Reddit and blogs.

We at NHLRosterBuilding.com are simple hockey fans having fun speculating on prospects. We are using tools such as eliteprospects.com and capfriendly.com to maximize accuracy. We know for certain that the rosters posted here will be wrong in hindsight, as they do not take into consideration potential trades, signings and newly drafted players. NHLRosterBuilding.com is meant as a simple tool that gives a deep look into each team’s future rosters as well as a place to discuss for hardcore and casual fans alike.

We will post freshly updated rosters and rankings four to five times a year, highlighting which NHL squads seem to be moving in the right direction. Training camp, trade deadline, draft and UFA season will be key moments for us.

A forum is put at your disposal’s to discuss rankings, rosters as well as individual players’ grade, potential, performances and roles within each team’s line-up.

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